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During my time at Paycom, I had the privilege serving on both the web and creative teams. There, we were able to produce a completely redesigned, and fully responsive, website.

At first, my time was spent on the web team where we collaborated to create a modern layout that is fully responsive. Starting at the homepage and working our way through the sitemap, we were able to completely update every page. With a focus on our 'Discover' aesthetic and a move towards a more cohesive design. Combining icon, color, and line sets we were able to bring together the 5 different aspects of the company into one complete brand.

After the redesign of the website was complete, I was able to move over to the creative team where I was able to utilize my graphic design and video skills. Here I was able to help out on a video that was being produced for a video mailer that was being sent out to customers explaining a new feature. I was asked to produce the ending animation that was used in the video, as well as, the graphics that were used inside of the actual piece.

On another project, I was able to collaborate with another Senior Graphic Designer on the team where we came up with the storyboard for the animation. I was able to take the other designers illustrations and make a short video explaining what the company, Paycom, does.